The Faculty of Architecture


Khon Kaen University, Thailand

The Northeast Affected by the accelerated development. National Economic and Social Development Plan Phase 4 (AD 2520-2524) and Plan Phase 5 (AD 2525-2529) was planning policies aimed at rural development significantly. The physical expansion increased significantly. Have been conducted to design the urban core and secondary cities and 20 of the expanded basic services to improve the lives of rural communities for the better, which is to develop the capacity to meet the planned economic and social development of National. 5 it would be necessary personnel, architecture and engineering, architectural, while the public sector governance and the private sector has not only is the number of architects in the Northeast, with only 33 percent or 1.76 of the architect as well. country


             University Aware of this issue We propose the establishment of Architecture The attention of the Economic Development Council. And Social Grace and get his signature on the establishment of the Faculty of Architecture of February 13, 2531. This was the first regional higher education graduates in the field of Architecture and since 2548 has opened the course. Bachelor of Architecture Department of Industrial Design

This course will give graduates of Industrial Design is a creative initiative. Realistic with knowledge in various fields. In terms of social Science and technology widely This makes it possible to design products and packaging industry. Including pottery, textiles, furniture or other. Have expertise Industrial design and business management. To meet the needs of the country to keep pace with economic growth and industry.


Bachelor of Architecture Department of Industrial Design There is an expectation that graduates have the skills as follows.


1. A good attitude to the values of the Arts and Crafts Local Wisdom of the East. Can develop handicrafts and local knowledge to keep pace with the era. Modern and technological evolution

2. Lift the phone to research and development, industrial design and handicraft products.

3. The application of science to cultural design. And restoration of local knowledge of society and the nation.

4. replete with moral ethics and professional editors. And a vision of sustainable development.

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